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Using the assigned case study, explain the concepts and theories that enable you to:
Demonstrate an understanding of the justifications for law, including protections against harm to others, offensive conduct, harm to self, and harm to societal morals.
Explain the role of law in society and the paradigms that have developed to understand how law is formed and enforced.
Compare the idea of our criminal law system as an adversarial system to other descriptions of how the courtroom works and the relationships between the legal professionals.
Present the controversy concerning the role of advocate as legal agent or moral agent.
Discuss legal ethics for attorneys and judges
Explain the types of ethical rules that exist and compare them to the subculture of winning
Explain ethical systems that are a consideration in this case study
Resources: Chapter 8 and two web sites
Topic: Michael Morton and the administration of justice
MINIMUM OF 1100 WORDS, 2point, times new roman, double spaced, APA format in MS word program. Please include references and citations please

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