Professional Development – Critically Reflective Professional Portfolio Essay Help

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Professional Development – Critically Reflective Professional Portfolio
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Assesment brief:-

You are to create a Professional Development Portfolio which consists of 4 reflections that both demonstrate your ability to address and critically reflect upon key issues of practice through the art of reflective writing.

Learning Outcomes to be matched and each to be used one per reflective theory:-

1 Critically reflect upon the impact of contemporary policies of collaborative working within the workplace and the effect of these practices in meeting the needs of individual learners.
2 Critically review and reflect upon current curriculum and practice frameworks considering the impact of policy changes upon the development of the individual learner.
3 Assess and critically reflect upon the significance of leadership and management skills in the context of educational settings and address the needs of learners, both collectively and individually.

Each of the reflections should have a primary focus on one of the learning outcomes and should be approximately 850 – 875 words in length. This will ensure that all learning outcomes are addressed.

Within each reflection you are expected to

• Make reference to reflective theory.
• Make reference to relevant policy and practice.
• Demonstrate the use of appropriate reflective language
• Critically reflect upon your own practice.
• Critically reflect upon the practice of others.
• Critically reflect on the impact of policy and practice on others (others may include management and colleagues, children, parents and carers.)

Please ensure that each reflection has a small bibliography and is referenced accordingly.

About 6-7 references per reflection/learning outcome please.


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