productivity and growth

Your Assignment 3 relates to chapter 8 (Productivity and Growth.) You will be answerring questions related to the theory of productivity and growth.

Your assignment is worth 6 pts, and each of the questions must have at least a half of page of writing supported by more than the textbook refererence. In addition your answers must prescribe to APA format.. You must submit a cover page, each question in a page by itself, and your references page must be also in a page by itself. And, please do not forget to reference your in-text. Lastly your assignment must be submitted via “Safeassign” in order to obtain your max points your work must be original in at least 70%.

Answer the following questions:

– What is the relevance of research and development to an economy’s productivity? Among major economies, how does the United States rank in R&D spending as a share of the GDP?

– Define industrial policy. What are some arguments for and against industrial policy?

PS: Please the textbook must be in the references.

Macroeconomics : A Contemporary Introduction 11th

Author: William A. McEachern
Publisher: Cengage South-Western
Edition: 11th, Eleventh, 11e Year: 2016 Format: Paperback 472 pages
ISBN 13: 9781305505490 (978-1-305-50549-0)
ISBN: 1305505492 (1-305-50549-2)

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