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Nestle l’oreal Case

Ansoff Matrix:
Nestle works in a huge number of distinctive markets. Remembering each one business it creates diverse techniques. The Ansoff Matrix demonstrates four various types of methods that organizations can follow to accomplish their objectives. Firstly it is the market penetration strategy. In this methodology organization brings down their costs so they can go into the market all the more rapidly. It was seen that when Nestle entered Pakistan they presented their existing product Milo at extremely reasonable rates so the business can promptly acknowledge the product. In Market development the organization takes a current product into another business. This can be seen as when Nestle took KitKat to remote markets or when it propelled Nescafe espresso in China. Product Development is the point at which an organization stays in the same business presently working yet begins to extend its product offering. Nestle was seen utilizing product development when it stayed in the European market however began wandering into nutritional and health products and extending its product offering. Nestle additionally has a diversified portfolio as it invests into the cosmetic organization L Oreal and is additionally the stakeholder in various pharmaceutical organizations around the world.

BCG Matrix:
Nestle is a branded House. It comprises of over different types of products and every product is at an alternate stage in the market relying on the area in which it is being sold. By and large the product offerings of Nestle can be partitioned into enormous sub classifications for example infant nourishments which incorporate Nestrum and Cerelac Bottled Water and Cereals deserts beverages dairy products chocolates and so on. Every product from each of these diverse classes has different places in the BCG Matrix. For the purpose of this essay only a few products of Nestle will be examined Boston Consulting Group 2011 . The Cash Cows of Nestle are effectively the vast majority of its chocolate brands and infant food products. Cerelac is an all inclusive cash cow and also Kit Kat that has extremely solid brand vicinity around the world Reuters 2012 . Nido is quickly developing nourishing milk that is picking up prominently in the Asian part of the world and in the year 2010 2010 another manufacturing plant of Kit Kat was established in United Kingdom that was to create in excess of 1 billion bars of the chocolate each year. The Stars are those products which have potential in the business and Nestle s lines of frozen product are snappy to catch a declining cooking market in United States. Nestle with one of its brand Stouffer is revolving its regard for frozen pizza to capture more market share in the country Bryson York 2011 . Dogs are those product offerings which don t acquire high revenue and are hard to turn around. These products are those that ought to be disposed of or sold off so they don t squeeze the benefits of the organization. Nestle is also showing interest to invest in the pharmaceutical business to be a dog and that the organization ought to pull out and concentrate all the more on its nutritional products. Question Marks are those products whose future is uncertain. They can be transformed out into optimistic cash cows or could diminish to the dog stature for the organization. Concerning the Indian market the breakfast grains of Nestle are the question marks. Remembering the society of India the breakfast is a natural meal and the culture of having cereals is low New York Times 2012 . The specific products in the Indian markets are as yet attempting to make sense of their future.

Porter s Generic Strategies:
To grow in this competitive market Nestle has focused on product differentiation strategy with proper market segmentation process. Nestle provides wide range of products as per the different segment needs based on season age climate and occupation etc like for example Coffee for busy people. Looking the behavioral segment of the customers Nestle has introduced Decaf Caf menu Everyday Super Premium Wyatt 2013 . Nestle has also introduced Chocolate milk or Nesquick who love chocolate taste Cold coffee for hot season. Nestle also specializes babyfood products like Lectogen 1 for less than 7months babies Even Nestle focuses on noodle section by producing Maggi noodles Maggi Soup of different varieties etc. It also differentiates itself in its Channel and distribution area by reaching to its customers through transportation and market salesman. It also differentiates itself in terms of image the logo of the organization is highly acceptable and different from its competitors. Even Nestle has many employees who are highly trained and educated. This helps the business to run effectively and successfully. Nestle is also different from its competitors in giving service to the customers. The organization offers 24 hours service through its hot line service also offers high quality checking service to its customers. Following all this offers the organization high position in the market.

The Question:

compare Nestle and Or’eal’s Marketing research approach to the traditional methods: (face-to-face focus groups, individual interviews, shop alongs, intercept surveys using an iPad, in-person
ethnography in-context behavioral observation, and paper-based surveys.

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