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submit a 4500-5000 word essay (excluding bibliography) in answer to ONE of the following questions:
1. “The possibility for the individual under Francovich to claim damages against the Member State where a directive has not been correctly implemented is not, in my view, an adequate substitute for the direct enforcement of the directive. It would often require the plaintiff to bring two separate sets of legal proceedings either simultaneously or successively, one against the private defendant and the other against the public authorities, which would hardly be compatible with the requirements of an effective remedy” (Advocate General Jacobs in Vaneetweld v SA Le Foyer)
Is this an accurate assessment of the principle of State liability? Illustrate your answer by reference to the case law.

2. ‘Newer forms of economic regulation and governance have reduced the democratic deficit and provide an alternative to the earlier techniques of economic integration.’ Critically discuss the accuracy of this statement with reference to case-law and academic commentary.
3. ‘The case law of the European Court of Justice, in relation to the provisions of Articles 20 and 21 TFEU [ex Articles 17 and 18 EC], has revolutionised the ability of individuals to move freely within the EU.’
With reference to case-law and academic commentary critically assess the accuracy of this statement.
4. With reference to case law, critically assess the development and effectiveness of EU law relating to agreements with the object of restricting competition.
5. The nature of the provision of services of general interest in the EU has changed dramatically since the mid 1980s, to what degree, if at all, do you think the values identified in Protocol 26 and attached to the Treaties at Lisbon will influence further change?

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