Presentation on Waste Management (recycling, landfills, toxic waste, etc)


Browse sites related to your topic, as you browse the sites related to your topic, think about the following questions that you will need to include in your final project presentation:

  • What is the problem? How do we know there is a problem (what evidence is there)?
  • What causes the problem?
  • What are the possible future effects of the problem? How will it effect the world?
  • What is being done to solve the problem? Are there laws related to the topic?
  • What can an individual do to help?

Objective: Create an environmental issue PowerPoint presentation. The presentation can only have a maximum of 10 slides.



Title and your name
Attention Grabber – put a thought provoking question or image here
Explain the topic, what is the problem and why is it a problem (do NOT copy and paste information from other websites, use your own words.) Include images to help explain your points and to make your slides more interesting
Explain what can be done (or what is being done) to solve the problem. You may want to include specific laws and regulations related to your topic here.
What can one individual do to help? Offer advice and tips to the class about how individuals can help to solve the problem or promote awareness.
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