you did HWK4 the topic and HWK 5 annotated bibliography and position argument essay now time for presentation for this assignment I need from you powerpoint four slides about what I learn in this topic.Please make it easy to understand because English is my second language and I want to present good. I attached the work that you did for me

Presentation, you will give a flash talk: a brief, TED Talk-style presentation on what you learned in your Position Argument Essay research. The presentation should be very focused on your stance and the evidence for it and run between 4 and 5-minutes long. Consider visual aids, presentation style, and your audience’s interest while preparing. If you want to use visual aids in an electronic medium to be projected on the classroom screen, please bring them on a thumb drive. As we get closer, the randomly-assigned order of presentations will be determined. This is a formal presentation and you are expected to come prepared. Ideas for presentation aids: • Map • Photographs • Short film clip • Timeline • Handout • PowerPoint or Prezi • Poster Tips on presenting: • Practice first to avoid umm-ing and aah-ing. Use notes to keep yourself on track as you speak extemporaneously. • Try to be clear and easy to understand (the audience can’t go back and read a section, so they need to understand from hearing). Project your voice. • Be prepared to answer questions afterward. • Do not read from slides; just use them to highlight what you are saying. Keep material on slides brief. Design choices for slides should make information easy to understand. Do not display something small from the front of the room: your audience won’t be able to see/read it. • Use transitions and connective or signpost language to guide your audience through. Consider how you can use questions to guide the listener. • Use your thesis/introduction to preview what will be covered in the presentation.

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