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The Federal Courts

The members of the judicial branch are elected by the President and then confirmed by the Senate. It is the third branch of government, The Supreme Court. Federal judges serve until death, retirement, or conviction, this means whatever President that is in office at the time has the power to elect the next judge. That President will more than likely elect a judge with views the same as his (republican/democrat). Article III of the constitution established the judicial branch, it leaves congress the discretion to shape it though allowing them to even pick the number of judges. The Supreme Court use to only have six judges in the nineteenth century but that was later changed. The US Supreme Court currently has nine justices including one chief justices and it’s the highest court in the US. Most of the current judges were appointed by republican Presidents, so when voting over cases they voted mostly conservative. The courts ruling is final and cannot be appealed another court but they will hear an appeal. The fourth, fifth and sixth amendments provide additional protection to those who have been accused of a crime.

I think the Supreme Court needs to stay as it is, just for those bigger cases. If it were to be used for any case then it would never be able to be used for those cases that really need it. I also think that the judicial system has been getting a lot of coverage lately because of cases like Brock Turner. This case caused a lot of waves and activism among people because it really showed people that true colors that the judicial system can have. Judges not making the right calls on things, or the case about the girl who was made to show her thong in court. I think there is definitely a lot of activism around courts and the judicial system. I think people want them to start taking the right actions and making the right choices on cases. Granted it is not just judges who make choices, juries choose a verdict as well, but Judges have a lot of authority in a court room. They have the overall say and when something is not right they should not let something happen in that courtroom.

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