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You created a Project Budget in Unit IV for building a five-bedroom home in Ashburn, VA. In Unit V, you created a Project
Schedule for that same project.
Based on your budget and schedule, develop a Project Communication Plan using a PowerPoint presentation that you will
present to your sponsor and other stakeholders. Be sure to use the following guidelines:
Scope: Explain the scope of your house-building project (one to two slides).•
Schedule: Explain the schedule status including milestone status (two slides).•
Budget: Explain the budget status including milestone status (two slides).•
Assumptions/constraints: Explain some of the assumptions and constraints of the project (one to two slides).•
Risks: Explain some of the risks that you have identified with the project (one to two slides).•
Status: Explain the overall status of the house-building project (one to two slides).•
Your PowerPoint presentation should be 8-12 slides (not including your title and reference slides). Be sure to follow APA
formatting for citations and references.

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