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  • Assignment: Pg 147 Number 2 (Create a New Business)

    Do NOT write an email – write a memo in the form of a report as noted below in the rubrics. If you have any questions, please ask!


    Critical   Elements

    Exemplary   (100%)

    Proficient   (90%)

    Needs   Improvement (70%)

    Not   Evident (0%)



    Meets proficient   criteria. The introduction was to-the-point and explained the intent of the   report.

    Accurately describes the   intent of the report; contains some details.

    Accurately describes the   intent of the report but lacks in details.

    There is no introductory   paragraph that explains the intent of the report.


    Discussion, Quoting,   Paraphrasing

    Meets proficient   criteria. Followed the points made in the book and slide presentation;   statement/support/explanation

    Followed the points in   the book and side presentation but lacked evidence.

    Quoted or paraphrased but   did not follow the points in the book or presentation.

    Did not discuss, quote,   or paraphrase



    Meets proficient   criteria. Conclusion was to-the-point and satisfied the intent of the report.

    Accurate but lacked   details to support the intent of the report.

    Accurate but did not   address the intent of the report.

    No conclusion evident.


    Citing Sources

    Sources were cited   accurately.

    Sources were cited but   did not follow a standard.

    Sources were cited but   lacked critical information.

    Sources not cited.


    Spelling, Grammar

    No mistakes

    Minor mistakes

    Many mistakes

    Major mistakes



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