Please complete the following tasks

PART I: Projects


Directions: Please complete the following tasks.  Be sure to read the directions carefully.  When you have completed all parts of the Homework Assignment,

1.            Press Release Project:

             Start Word, click the Open Other Documents link, open the file WD B-2.docx from the location where you store your Data File, then save the document with the filename WD B-PAOS 2016 PR.

             Select Your Name and replace it with your name.

             Display paragraph and other formatting marks in your document if they are not already displayed.

             Use the Cut and Paste buttons to switch the order of the two sentences in the fourth body paragraph (which begins “New group shows…”).

             Use the drag-and-drop method to switch the order of the second and third paragraphs.

             Adjust the spacing if necessary so that there is one blank line between paragraphs, then save your changes.


2.            Apps:

             Start Word, open the file WD B-6.docx from the location where you store your Data Files, then save it as WD B-References.  This document contains the questions you will answer about the Web reference sources you find and Apps for Office.  You will type your answers to the questions in the document.

             Replace the placeholder text at the top of the WD B-References document with your name and the date.

             Use your favorite search engine to search the Web for grammar and style guides, dictionaries, and thesauri.  Use the keywords grammar, usage, dictionary, glossary, or thesaurus to conduct your search.

             Complete question 1 of the WD B-References document, making sure to format the website names as hyperlinks to the websites.

             Read question 2 of the WD B-References document, then move the insertion point under question 2.

             Click the Apps for Office button in the Apps group on the INSERT tab, then click More apps in the Apps for Office.

             The Office window opens (note: you may see Office Store instead of More apps).  Explore the apps available on the Apps for Word 2013 Web page that opens in your browser.

             Switch to the WD B-References document in Word.  Close the Apps for Office window if it is still open.

             With the insertion point below question 2, click the Screenshot button in the Illustrations group on the INSERT tab.  The Available Windows gallery opens.

             Read the ScreenTip for each thumbnail in the gallery, find the Apps for Word – window thumbnail in the gallery, click it, then click Yes in the dialog box that opens.  A screenshot of the Apps for Word 2013 is inserted in the WD B-References document.



PART II: Essay


Directions: Write an essay that summarizes what you have learned in this section of your textbook and lecture notes.  Your paper should be at least 2 pages in length, utilize APA style, and include a cover page and a bibliography.  Your paper should be written in your own words and not copied and pasted from the Internet or directly from the textbook and/or lecture notes.  Your summary must include all of the following topics:

             Cut and paste text

             Copy and paste text

             Use the Office Clipboard

             Find and replace text

             Check spelling and grammar

             Research information

             Add hyperlinks

             Work with document properties

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