play evaluation and program design

for this assignment follow the instrcution’s the reading is attached

Assignment 10

Question 1

List three different activities that work well for the play leader you talked with.

Explain how to run/supervise/present each of these activities; and comment on what you think makes them so successful. Write about one page or 500 words.

Question 2

A child who regularly attends an after-school play program breaks their leg. They need to walk on crutches with the leg in a cast for 6 weeks. They still want to attend the program. What considerations might the play leader need to make to accommodate this child? Write about half a page or 250 words.

Question 3

Design a 1 hour program of structured activities for a group of 7-8 year old children (boys and girls). List and briefly describe each activity. Indicate the sequence and duration of activities. Write up to one page or 500 words.

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