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additional points for the course. Students can earn up to 6 additional points by posting critical reviews for two current articles published in reputable newspapers, magazines, or journals and that can be related to economic concepts studied in class. Individual critical reviews must be clear, concise, and to the point (400 words or less) and posted on the “News A good critical review MUST include: a. Citation of the article using APA style guide; b. A clear and concise sentence stating the question at issue; c. A brief summary of the author’s position. Don’t summarize the entire article. Present only a direct, clear and concise statement of the author’s position on the; d. Your assessment of the quality of supporting evidence presented by the author to support his/her position; e. A des?r?ption of key assumptions made by the author to arrive at his/her conclusions; f. Your own perspectives on the issue taking into account the evidence provided by the author and the economics concepts discussed in class.

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