Lab 02 Oxygen Atoms – A Burning Question


Description: A candle will burn only if oxygen is present.   


  • Two empty jars; one pint size      and one quart size
  • Candle(s)
  • Stop watch or clock
  • Potholder (Jar will get      hot!!)


  1. Light a candle.  Invert the empty pint-size jar over the candle.  Using a stopwatch, record the length of time that the candle burns under the jar.


  1. Repeat step 1 with the quart-sized jar.  Record your answers in the table.


Pint Jar

Quart Jar

Time   (in seconds)









  1. WhaT type of candle did you use? 


  1. A candle will burn only if oxygen is present.  Will a candle burn twice as long in an inverted quart jar as it will in an inverted pint jar?  Support your answer.


  1. If the air were oxygen-enriched (containing a higher concentration of oxygen), would the candle burn longer?Explain your reasoning. 









Lab 03 Inertia – A Body in Motion




In this experiment you will try to drop a tennis ball on a target as you run past the target.  As you conduct this experiment, think of the challenges Air Force pilots had before the invention of the guided missiles that are used today. Pilots in World War II had to understand math/physics in order to drop bombs on targets while causing as little harm as possible to surrounding buildings and people. These are the same concepts that you will learn with this experiment.






Before you begin, try to guess what will happen. Try to figure out when you will need to release the ball in order to hit the target. Write down your predictions. Give the reasons why you think you are correct.  (Record your predictions and reasons on the next page.)


• one tennis ball
• clearly-marked target(s), i.e., notebook paper, a chalk mark, or tape




Place a target 10 meters away from a starting line. Mark the starting line with chalk or tape.


  1. Hold the tennis ball and do not let your elbow leave your side as you run and drop the ball. Do not throw the ball. You should hold the ball from its sides so that you can release your grip as you let it drop. Remember to drop the ball and not throw it, otherwise you will change the intent of the experiment.
  2. Have an assistant stand alongside (but slightly back from) the running path to act as an observer.  S/he should stand near the target so that s/he can see exactly where you released the ball and where the ball strikes the ground. You will sprint toward the target as fast as you can and try to drop the ball so that it lands on the target.
  3. Once you’ve hit the target have the observer stand where you released the ball, this is the release point.  Measure the distance from the target to the release point.  Be sure to measure from the target and not the starting point.  Draw and include a diagram showing the release point with the labeled distance from the target.
  4. Repeat Steps 2-4, sprinting at a slower speed.
  5. For the last trial, you should walk toward the target. Repeat Steps 2-4.
  6. Write a summary of your results. Form conclusions based on the speed of the runner, the location of each ball’s release, and the exact point where each ball landed.




Lab 03 Inertia – A Body in Motion Report


Your Predictions:










Trial 1 – Sprinting










Trial 2 – Slower Sprint








Trial 3 – Walk








Write a summary of your results. Form conclusions based on the speed of the runner, the location of each ball’s release, and the exact point where each ball landed.



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