Physican Assited Death: Accomplice to a Crime or a Merciful Respone Essay Dissertation Help

1. This first video is relating to Roman Samperdo : Amenabar, A. (Director). (2005). The Sea Inside [Video File, 14:55]. Retrieved from There are 9
sections in the Youtube series. (125 mins in total) Also accessible at Amazon $3.99 to rent. [Video file, 1:49:35].
amazonvideo-20 2. Regarding Brittany Manyard : Maynard, B. (2014, October 29) A Video for my Friends [Video file, 05:58 minutes]. Retrieved from /watch?v=11HXHOZb2Q1. 3.
Regarding Craig Ewert : The Suicide Tourist [Video File 55:37]. (2010, March 2). Retrieved from /PortalPlaylists.aspx?
wID=103647&xtid=55997 Please watch the 3 Videos to answer questions listed below. For this discussion, you will have watched Ramon Sampedro’s thirty-year battle for the legal right to end his own
life: Craig Ewert’s journey from his home in America to Switzerland to have physician aid in dying (PAD): Brittany Maynard’s relocation from her home in California to Oregon to be eligible for PAD.

Discussion Questions: Prepare for the discussion by watching the assigned viewings for this module. What are the reasons Ramon Sampedro, Craig Ewert, and Brittany Maynard made when asking for PAD?
What are the common threads of their requests? How are their circumstances different? Do you think that all, some, or none of these requests for PAD were morally justified or unjustified? Were the
physicians involved accomplices to a crime or acting out of mercy? Explain

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