Physic – New innovation Essay Dissertation Research Help

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Please pick up a topic yourself. It can be any real-life RECENT application (within the past 12 months or so) of any principles in physics 1B. You may want to start by searching some keys words on Google.

Grading Rubrics:

Please use scientific data/evidence to support your statements in the following rubrics.

  1. Explain the new invention/research result (what is it) and its application in real-life (how it works) accompanied by graphs and diagrams if it applicable.
  2. Physics principals/laws involved in/related to this application(which part/function).
  3. What are the new advancements/discoveries made, the stage of this new development applicable to real-life, remaining tasks to yield the final outcomes/product.
  4. The impact/benefits that this new application to our everyday life and its importance.

The format requirements are as follows: Line space: single; Size: 12, Font: times; Content: minimum of Three-full-pages of text PLUS a reference list, graphs and data tables are additional.

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