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A PERT network consists of activities linked by arrows. Suppose two of the activities on the network are labeled “A” and “B”. An arrow from “A” to “B” indicates that: A) the same resources used to complete “A” are also used to complete “B”. B) “A” and “B” can be completed at the same time. C) “A” takes longer to complete than “B”. D) “A” must be completed before “B” can begin. 2. Which of the following is a likely reason that a company would move its facility from one location to another? A) Availability of expensive labor B) Higher quotas on competing goods C) Access to various modes of transportation D) Availability of a retired workforce 3. Which of the following statements about operations management in the service sector is most accurate? Operations management in the service sector: A) is all about providing the service at the lowest cost. B) should focus on providing customers with a good experience. C) has less flexibility than operations management in the manufacturing sector, because services are not technology driven. D) has done a good job of increasing output, but a poor job of improving quality. 4. As businesses strive for market expansion, companies add to their sales force, but opt to eliminate sales offices across the nation and internationally. How are these firms able to remotely operate a sales force that contributes toward increasing the bottom line? A) A sensible strategy is to transport sales professionals to the world headquarters on a bi-weekly basis B) The business strategically moves manufacturing facilities to low cost areas and allocates more funds toward the sales professionals to meet face to face with management C) The operation is maintained with an advanced MRP system D) The operation is managed with teleconferencing information technology, and telecommuting 5. Becca works as a new product development engineer for a company that makes solar panels for residential and commercial purposes. Her company uses PERT network software for all development projects. As she nears the final month of her timeline for completing a new panel, Becca will focus on those activities that are: A) most costly to complete. B) on the priority bar of the PERT chart. C) near the end of the PERT network. D) on the critical path of the PERT network. 6. X-Sport Industries is a U.S.-based manufacturer of sporting goods. Recently, it has decided to make a major push to sell its products in the European Union. In order to succeed in this new market X-Sport will need to: A) become certified in ISO 9000 standards. B) convert its financial assets into Euros. C) avoid reliance on the Deming cycle. D) reduce the wages of its production workers. 7. The resurgence of U.S. manufacturing firms in recent years can be credited to: A) . the government’s willingness to implement policies designed to protect U.S. firms from low-cost foreign competition. B) . a decision by many U.S. manufacturers to drastically reduce costs by making more extensive use of mass production techniques. C) . a number of significant changes in both the production techniques and management styles used by U.S. firms. D) . a relaxation of government laws that has allowed manufacturing firms to merge more easily, thus achieving stronger market positions.
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