persuasive speech on capping the legal birth giving age

I need to present a power point and give a Persuasive Speech on the topic “Capping the legal birth giving age”.

The topic is about Putting an upper limit on child bearing age. I’m thinking of 40.

The presentation should show why there is a problem in our society and give a solution to that problem.

i’m thinking of showing the health problems that both child and mother might face when mother gives birth after 40 and showing not allowing women to give birth after the age of 40 is the solution. And charging fines a way to regulate it.

The assignment required 2 documents. First a outline of the presentation containing work cited page. All the sources used in the presentation should be cited.

And second the power point itself. The power point also should contain a work cited page at the end.

The assignment requires to submit 2 documents.

First the outline of the power point with work cited.

Second the power point itself. The power point also should have the work cited at the very end page

How the power point is graded is in the PowerPoint grading rubric attached

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