Passenger’s satisfaction toward service quality on Low-cost Airlines in Thailand Essay Dissertation Help

Passenger’s satisfaction toward service quality on Low-cost Airlines in Thailand

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add an information on Chapter 2 following the supervisor reviews and comments. I will give you an information. My supervisor said, “it lacks a serious review of pervious research into customer satisfaction of service industries, (including tourism) and very specifically lacks any review of prior research into service quality and consumer satisfaction with airlines (in Asia or anywhere else) which in a major omission. You must be aware of and review pervious studies in the same subject area as your dissertation”.

The dissertation is a dissertation about customer satisfaction and service quality and its impact on the choice of airline in Thailand (and very specifically the choice of a Low Cost Carrier).
Whilst the literature review does include much theory and introduce :
– The Concepts of Service Quality
– Measures of customer satisfaction
– Techniques on How to measure Customer satisfaction (SERVQUAL)
– Customer Behaviour
– Consumer Buying decision Models

It is a literature review solely about measuring service quality. The references to Aviation are relatively few and lack detail and there is no discussion about the distinctive nature of aviation as a derived demand. This characteristic (as a derived demand) means that some components of the service quality theory (particularly about consumer retention) may not work well or apply to aviation.

If I am being honest as a Literature review, it carries very few examples of research and previous case studies of measuring customer satisfaction and service quality in tourist or other related service industries. You discuss theory (how to measure customer satisfaction, how to measure service quality) but do not supplement it with examples of previous research and studies. To that extent it reads like a textbook about customer satisfaction and quality.
Developing this theme – A major omission from this literature review is any mention of or discussion of previous studies about LCCs and the impact of customer satisfaction or service quality. In reality, there should be a whole section on previous research into customer satisfaction/measuring service quality for airlines I spent under 2 minutes to find important sources such as :

Kim,Y.K. & Lee,H.R (2011) Customer satisfaction using low cost carriers, Tourism Management, 32(2) 235 – 243

Saha,G.C & Thingi (2009) Service quality, satisfaction, and behavioural intentions: A study of low?cost airline carriers in Thailand Journal of Service Theory & Practice

Tiernan, S., Rhoades, D.L. and Waguespack, B. Jr (2008), “Airline service quality – Exploratory analysis of consumer perceptions and operational performance in the USA and EU”, Managing Service Quality, Vol. 18 No. 3, pp. 212?24
You simply cannot undertake a dissertation measuring the impact of service quality and consumer behaviour on LCCs without at least being aware of and discussing previous studies about consumer satisfaction and airlines (certainly must include discussion of previous studies in Asia and I would argue also in other regions)

In conclusion – the literature review needs additional sections reviewing previous research into customer satisfaction, service quality and service industries (generically) and airlines (specifically).

More detail comments attached.
1st file: Comments from supervisor
2nd file: Some information already rewrite.

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