part 2 make a 2 minute script and slides for the paper that is included

2 min script and power point slides for marketing plan on P&G

Must have a 2 minute script from the information included… Make the power point slides from the information in the paper included. please make minimum 5 slides … with a script per slide … i have to be talking for at least two minutes…thank you

I will be doing the video and reading the script myself.

(this is just what the teacher wrote )this week your group will create a PowerPoint presentation to present the research findings. You will evenly divide the slides/material between all group members and each member will create their own PowerPoint video presentation .. All group members will do this individually (2 minutes minimum each), but the submission will be made in a group submission folder so everyone has access to review the submission. Please ensure you do not overlap slides, I would like to be able to combine all submissions for one document of your presentation

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