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Page 356 – The Marketing Mix.  Explain what is Marketing.  Describe the four P’s of Marketing.  

Choose any product you wish and give examples of the four P’s and how they entice the consumer to buy.??


Marketing is attempting to sell and promote your product or service to various consumers or buisinesses. The four P’s of marketing are; product, which is what your selling; Price which is the price your are going to sell your product for; Place which is where you will sell your product: and finally Promotion, which is how you are going to market or advertise your product to your customers.


An example of a product is a Haas Vf2 Cnc machine, where the product is the machine, the price is a very competitve $54,000, the place is online and your local Haas distributor where the machine can be delivered anywhere in the world after purchase, the product is mainly promoted via internet and through schools by offering discounted machines.  


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