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Here are the details on your extra credit assignment should you choose to do it. Again, this is for students who could really use the extra points to improve their grade in this class. If you have a solid A in this course this assignment is not necessary for you to complete. If you do choose to work on this assignment you must read four different news articles on four different issues that relate to something we’ve discussed in class, and for each article you need to write a one-page summary and analysis. The summary/analysis should be structured so that the first half of the page is a summary of what was discussed in the article. What is the controversy or issue being discussed by the author? The second half of the page should describe how it relates to something that we’ve discussed in class as well as a discussion of your personal opinions/beliefs regarding the subject and why you feel that way. These one-page summary/analyses should be one full page in length, double-spaced, and use 12-point Times New Roman font. Also, you need to include a Works Cited page listing in APA format the complete information about the articles that you are referencing. Your Works Cited page must include the full web address where each of these articles may be found online. Finally, you should have a cover sheet at the beginning of the packet with your name, the course number/section number, and the date all of which are centered and double-spaced. If you choose to do this assignment you will be graded on it which means if you turn in a weak effort you will receive a failing grade on this assignment and defeat the whole purpose of the Extra Credit Assignment. Below I have listed the newspapers/sources that you may choose from:

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