paper about batman


This paper is one page long and you simply need to answer the questions on the paper

This paper needs to be done by 11:59 pm July 23 2014 eastern time U.S.A.


Please follow the following instructions very carefully:

  1. Correct MLA Format and Style and Times New Roman 12 font is IMPORTANT and Not to be IGNORED.
  2. Follwing the instructions on the paper carefully without missing a SINGLE step is required because my professor is very picky. 
  3. Keep The writing simple and clear as if you are a second or third year undergraduate student and by simple and clear I don’t mean you should leave any kind of mistakes. 
  4. Deliever on time because an F grade won’t satisfy me and a refund is not gonna change my grade.
  5. Second chances with my professor are almost impossible so try to make it perfect the first time.
  6. Further instuctions are in the uploaded paper.

no more than a page is needed for this paper simply answer the questions about the movie. 


Thank you,

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