P5/ Recursion, need help

Recursion is a powerful technique that is often utilized for a variety or problems. Often, people think iteratively rather than recursively. However, when thinking computationally, as in computer language, recursive techniques are often utilized. The simplest definition of recursion is that it is a function that calls itself. For this assignment, view the provided code sample, and answer the questions that follow:


Function CountDown(count) 

   If (count < 1) 

   Print (“The current count is:” +count); 


  1. If the call CountDown(10)was issued, what would be the output of the CountDown routine?
  2. If the call CountDown(0)was issued, what would be the output of the CountDown routine?
  3. What other techniques could be used outside of recursion? What is the benefit of using recursion?
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