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I would like you paraphrase this 


System level requirement
• All hardware and software shall be designed to meet applicable operational, reliability, environment, safety and health requirement.
• The space craft design shall be as simple as possible with minimum of non-recurring engineering
• The system shall be designed and verified to withstand the static and dynamic stresses, strains, shocks, vibrations, temperature, pressure and acoustic environments associated with assembly, integration, testing, shipping, handling, storage, launch and on orbit operations.
• The data upload and download shall be encrypted as per National Security Agency (NSA) guidelines
• All the collected data shall be sent to the ground within a time limit
• The ground system shall receive, process and transmit information to the customer
• A propulsion system shall provided to the space vehicle to move it to any required position within the orbit
• The system shall maintain and control the temperatures of the payload and its components
• The spacecraft shall determine attitude to an accuracy sufficient for spacecraft safe and successful operation
• The spacecraft design shall include a vehicle separation mechanism 
• The on-board flight firmware shall be fully tested and configured
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