Optical Distortion Case Report Essay Help

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Optical Distortion Case Report

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submit a case report on Optical Distortion. The reports are to be uploaded on Moodle before the deadline. Each report has a word limit of 2500 words. Two additional pages can be used as an appendix to show any calculations that you may decide to do.
The word count must be included in the first page of your document. Exceeding the word count may incur penalties.
Word limit: 2500
Presentation requirements: Professional report standard. Estimated return date: Week 12
Hurdle requirements: N/A
Criteria for marking: The following can be used as a guide for how you will be assessed:
1. Clarity of Problem Opportunity Identified
2. Quality of Strategies Generated
3. Evaluation of Strategies
4. Justification for the Recommended Strategy


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