Operational Analysis and Quality Improvement


Research and write a brief answer to the following question. Your answer must conform to a 150-word minimum and 300-word maximum, use college level writing skills, and cite and use three references. See Assignment Rubric for scoring guidelines.  MUST follow APA Guidelines




Consider Kotter’s eight-stage model of change (Table 2-1). How does it compare to Berwick’s rules of the diffusion of innovation?


Assignment Pointers: Do not just list Kotter’s stages and Berwick’s rules. Tell me which one you like better and why. Tell me if you would like to combine parts of each and why. Provide examples, references, and support your positions.  (Don’t forget to tell me what you think, too.)

You may wish to devote a few sentences each to:


  1. An introduction

  2. Summarizing Kotter’s Model (not listing the steps)

  3. Summarizing Berwick Model (not listing the steps)

  4. Comparing Kotter’s and Berwick’s Models

  5. Telling me which model you prefer and why you prefer it (offer an example)

  6. Telling me if you prefer a hybrid model of the two and what steps would be included

  7. Telling me which model is best for healthcare and why this is so (offer an example)

  8. A conclusion

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