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Each essay

Respond to the following essays (including an introduction, body, and conclusion), ; identify only the author’s name and the text title once in each essay response.Make sure that you respond to all parts of the essay question. do not copy from the internet (NO plagiarism)

1.Choose ONE of the following novels and its corresponding film:

Book name : Rowling, J.K.Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Scholastic, 2004.ISBN: 9780439655484

Write an essay considering the similarities and differences in the novel and the film.Describe three specific points that appear in the novel, but not the film.(These points could be events, characters, themes, etc.) Do these deletions detract from the film?Why or why not?Defend your opinion with specific evidence.

2.Choose ONE of these novels and identify ONE specific, recurring symbol within the novel.

Book name :Roth, Veronica.Divergent.Reprint ed. Katherine Tegen Books, 2014.ISBN: 9780062387240

see the attached and used as recurring symbol within the novel.

Describe how that symbol is used repeatedly within that novel, describing at least three occasions in which the symbol occurs within the narrative.Respond in detail using specific evidence, i.e., reasons and examples from the chosen novel.

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