one memo and one analysis of a persuasive message

MESSAGE #1: Memo to Future 100WB Online Students

Compose a 2-paragraph memo to future 100WB online students. The purpose is to inform your audience on what to prepare for (particularly in an online-only setting), and what you have learned in the course. Include any additional insight. Keep in mind that memos are generally addressed to a larger, but specific audience. Use a memo heading:





Message #2: Analysis of a Persuasive Message

First, read and analyze Jon Snow’s email message.

In a message addressed to Jon — “Dear Jon…” (email format), give him writing feedback based on his audience, purpose, tone, and content. The purpose of your message is to help Jon improve his email.

Your message to Jon should be around 2-3 paragraphs.

Final Eval. Rubric

Final Eval. Rubric

♦ Message #1: format and content follow standard memo organization ♦ Audience/Purpose are clear ♦ Main ideas are clear with supporting details ♦ Message is meaningful, but concise.

3.0 point

♦ Message #2 (feedback): ♦ content is organized ♦ audience/purpose are clear ♦ opinion and explanations are well-connected ♦ Message is meaningful, but concise.

5.0 point

♦ Grammar/Language: writing is overall clear with minimal grammar errors ♦ word choice and language use is appropriate

2.0 point

total: 10.0 ,total 10.0

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