Old Spice: Smell em Whos Boss Commercial Essay Dissertation Help

I made my rhetorical analysis on this old spice commercial:

I think I have my grammatical errors on what I have that needs fixing. Plus my text is not too long, I need another 1 page of text.

No outside sources other than the Youtube link.

Our goal is to look closely to understand:
(1) how the author put the text together; and (2) how the choices the author made in putting the text together affect how it functions, what effect(s) it has on audiences, etc. You’ll look carefully and deeply into the text and then select specific elements (e.g., patterns, rhetorical strategies, rhetorical appeals) to focus your analysis on: Describe the effects those elements have and provide evidence so that your audience can understand your interpretation of how those elements work (or, in some cases, why they don’t).

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