Ok guys, I have a scenario here: *Project Scope* The project designs a school computer lab with the necessary hardware and software…

Ok guys, I have a scenario here: *Project Scope* The project designs a school computer lab with the necessary hardware and software components along with the IP address for different components. The computer lab consists of one IP network with 100 computers on one Domain. The files are shared using FTP server. Servers are configured with Static IP address and clients have dynamic IP addresses received from a DHCP Server. Programming software like Java, C,C++ are installed on all the users PC’s. The softwares are also available on the FTP server, as a downloadable. Identify the necessary components like software , hardware and IP network schema to setup the network. *How to implement the project* The lab consists of 100 computers. So a total of 48 port *3 switches would be required. The FTP server can be Windows based or Linux flavor. Windows or Linux based DHCP servers can be setup as DHCP Server. The network address of can be configured as a Scope on DHCP Server. Since all the users are belonging to one domain, an active directory can be configured with one single domain name. I NEED HELP WITH THE FOLLOWING: Synopsis of the project Listing of the project needs Graphical layout of the current network Graphical layout of the new proposed network Explanation of the hardware / software needed ( servers, workstations, routers, switches) Explanation of the protocols used. Cost breakdown and total for the proposed network Explanation of how OSI model is addressed with the network Explanation of how the IP/TCP model is address with the internet / cloud
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