Oil Diversification in The United Arab Emirates Essay Dissertation Help

So first i just want you to understand that there order is divided into two parts, the Research Plan and The First Draft. I specified that I want my paper to be 14 pages. But what is actually meant is “4 pages of research plan” and “10 pages the original research paper/draft”. The submission of my research plan is after exactly 2 DAYS. If you are okay with it let me know. My Paper is about Oil Diversification in The United Arab Emirates or you can write about it in the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries if you prefer that. In the argument, I am with finding new alternative sources of energy (Although, if you have a better argument, you can tell me about it). The topic should not be too broad or too narrow. For example, it should be in a specific region, and discussing a specific type of alternative energy source. This is just an example, you can choose whatever you prefer, but in the end it should match the title of the paper. I attached the course syllabus and “Research Proposal: Guidelines and Rubric, and my research plan to give you an idea of what i was thinking about”. You can use it as a reference. Just one more detail. The scholarly sources and books you are going to extract and use, I would prefer them to be from some specified search engines such as my university library online website (http://library.aus.edu) or other sources I can have access to, so that my professor would not doubt that I did not write the paper myself. If you have any enquiries let me know.

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