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Assignment Task:

You have just started working for a major oil and/or or gas company, and have joined a project team. You & your team have been tasked with an international short term project, with duration of 3
months. With its new investment your firm will become a leader in tech led O&G exploration/production & would want to solidify this leader position.
Therefore, you & your team are tasked with scoping a multi-national marketing project – across digital channels only – a project that can help the firm communicate its capabilities to appropriate
stakeholders & help it to solidify this leader position, showing the financial & non-financial benefits to the firm of this investment & the project.
If they go ahead with the investment it will allow the firm to meet its overall business need, of achieving increased sales operational efficiencies & competitive advantage.
Your task is to write a business report detailing the resources needed to produce this project. Other teams have also been asked to put together a report along the same lines and the best one will
be selected by senior management before implementation begins.

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