I have gotten behind on some discussion posts for my gerontology class. I really need to catch up as soon as possible, for I am overdue!!!! The posts are super easy, but I fell behind. They have to be @ least 75 words. I already have a price up here.




  1. What positive changes in society do you think we will see as the US population skews older?  Incorporate material from the text, supplemental materials and your own thoughts and reflections.

(75-150 words)



  1. Why do psychological well-being and happiness tend to increase in older age?   Explain “thinking makes it so” in terms of aging outcomes.  What are some signs that an older adult may be experiencing depression?  Incorporate the class materials in your response.




  1. What are your thoughts about this chapter?  Did you encounter anything in the material that changed your attitude or awareness on some aspect of death, dying and bereavement?

(75-150 words)


  1. Your Great Aunt Jessie (age 78) intends to “age in place” in the suburban home she and her husband (recently deceased) have lived in since the mid-1960s. She has a couple of same-age friends in the neighborhood, visits the local senior center each week, and has several community affiliations that she regularly enjoys. What kinds of issues should she consider, and what advice would you offer if she asks what you think about her plan?


  1. Choose two different housing options you’ve encountered in the materials, and compare and contrast them.  You may include material from past chapters in your answer if desired.



  1. Choose ONE of these two questions to answer in your initial discussion post.  Respond to a classmate’s post on the OTHER question.  So you should hit both questions, once as a post and once as a response.

1) Why are older women more likely than older men to be poor?

2) Identify some of the reasons why older Americans want to continue working past the “traditional” age of retirement.

(75-150 words)


  1. What is the “honeymoon stage” of retirement, and what is the next stage that many retirees experience? What would you recommend to a new retiree for adjusting to retirement?
  2. Two parts to this discussion post: Answer BOTH.

Explain how ageism and ageist stereotypes in society and in the medical profession relate to polypharmacy (requires you to connect the dots).

What are two differences between Medicare and Medicaid?




  1. Now that you’ve been through Intro to Gerontology and hopefully deepened your understanding of the many aspects of aging, what do you have to say about the role of policy on the life conditions of older adults? What concepts from previous chapters have a bearing on your answer? ONLY ONE POST is required (3.5 points max), but if you want to respond to classmates, feel free!  (75-150 words).
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