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PSY-100 Week 3 Normal and Abnormal Behavior Scenarios PowerPoint
Prepare and submit a 7- to 10-slide PowerPoint.
Use the worksheet provided to guide your completion of this PowerPoint. You are not required to submit the worksheet.
You will be graded on your completion of the following within your PowerPoint:
1. Describe what abnormal and normal behavior is.
2. Select two of the four case scenarios. Next identify the abnormal behaviors in each scenario, what possible mental health diagnosis they may show signs of and how these relate to the facts of these disorders illustrated by The Anxiety and Depression Association of America.
3. Please use our other readings for this week as well as videos to assist you.
4. Explain three treatment strategies for each scenario that you chose. You must include three to four in-text citations in the body of the power point as well as a reference slide. You may use any of our readings or videos from this week to help illustrate your ideas.

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