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Students will read the report written by Nobel Committee member Jan-E. Bäckvall on the research that resulted in the award of the 2010 Nobel prize in chemistry. During this year, the Nobel prize was awarded to 3 scientist for their research on palladium catalyzed cross couplings in organic syntheses. The report can be found at the URL:
Using this work, students will, in their own words, write their own report describing the research and the works significance.
The report will
Be of appropriate length ( at least 500 words but not to exceed 750 )•
Reference at least 3 primary literature sources.•
o 1 of these sources must be one of the laureates original papers outlining their research.
o 2 of these sources must be Citing articles and must not be authored by the Laureates themselves. These citations will be used to describe the significance of the work.
Summarize the impact of the research with the students opinion on whether the work is of sufficient impact to merit a Nobel prize.•

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