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Marketing Topic Netflix case
ACEGEITM? Lee Bachelor

Yesterday you wrote me an outline of netflix case and today I want you to follow the list I’m going to provide you and write about them. So there will
be 2 issues and they need to be described. as well as there will 1 recommendation.
1- Issues:
Intense competition in the industry – A great deal of attention must be devoted to staying ahead of competitors. especially copycats.
Rapidly changing digital and communications technology.
2- Recommendations:
-An additional advantage of a partnership with an internet service provider is that Netflix can then negotiate temporary internet access to custome
when they are traveling and on vacation. Cable companies do this and it is a very attractive. free benefit to cable customers. This tactic could
undermine the advantage that Redbox has. since people who are traveling can use their Redbox membership at any Redbox kiosk in most tourist
The first issue doesn’t have a Recommendation. so you need to find one from the CASE I will provide. 80 the second issue already has a
Also. we need you to find the root-causes for the 2 issues I provided and how they affect the Netflix.
Everything that will use is from the case, and i will upload the work that you did yesterday.
Lastly. you start with:
1- State the issues.
2- Root-causes.
3- How they affect.
4- Recommendations.
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