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Only Source to be accepted: Nervous Conditions
Race and/or gender issues are at the center of many of the works we’ve read. Write an essay
in which you put forward an argument about the role race and/or gender plays in your chosen
work. How are race and/or gender represented and to what effect?

The goal of this assignment is to produce a strong argumentative essay
with a clear and compelling thesis that answers the “So what?” question. In order to do that you
will need to marshal textual evidence to support your thesis. That textual evidence will be
gathered through close reading, just as in the first essay.
Pick something you are truly interested in and have fun with this assignment!
[For summary page]
you will turn in a draft of your
introductory paragraph, along with an outline of the topics for each body paragraph and one
quote that you will be using from your chosen text for each paragraph.
This is what the draft you turn in should look like:
Introductory Paragraph with your thesis statement followed by:
Paragraph 1 Issue: what will you talk about in this paragraph.
Quote from text: what textual support will you use (provide one direct reference from the text
Paragraph 2 Issue (etc.) for each paragraph of your essay

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