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Term Project:


Each student is to select a home merchandise category, either accessories, home or cosmetics and research this category in depth.


Or a designer house that produces good sin all THREE categories, accessories, home, and cosmetics and answer the following:


20 points: Determine the consumer and price category first. Then:


180 points: Information that needs to be researched includes:


  1. where merchandise is produced – domestic or foreign, (describe global sourcing and countries where sourcing is practiced)

  2. quality and price differentials, (explain price for value strategies)

  3. where and how the merchandise is sold to the consumer (for example: types of retail outlets, catalogs, internet, social media),

  4. names of retailers who sell product, exact retailers (do not list, describe in paragraph form)

  5. Applicable government rulings and laws, and new product developments.

  6. Analyze 2 different fashion ads within this area (show ad in color and describe full analyses)


This research assignment must be written in your own words. It should include pictures and if possible, samples of the merchandise category. It should include a layout of the product in the store.


The typewritten (12 point font, Times New Roman), double-spaced part of the report should be 10 plus pages in length .


Pictures and/or samples of the merchandise must be included and are in addition to the typewritten portion of the paper. Please use APA in-text citations otherwise it can be considered plagiarized material.


APA format for documentation should be carefully followed.


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