need spss output and data file statistics exercise

I have attached a Microsoft Word document containing easy-to-understand instructions and the exercise questions.  Part One involves a bilinear regression, and Part Two requires coming up with any test that fits the given scenario.  There is a Part Three (not in the Word document), but I have already accomplished that.  I’m looking for someone who has SPSS and can provide the output and data files for both parts.  I am using version 22, but as I understand, other versions of SPSS should be compatible.  For anyone with SPSS and the understanding, this should be very quick and easy.


Final clarification:

This project involves putting the exercise data into SPSS, generating an output and data file, and then writing a short APA-format paragraph on the results.  You DO NOT need to “paste the results” of the SPSS output in the document you return.  As long as you attach the output and data file, I will do the pasting required.

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