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Effective immediately, all personnel promoted to the rank of Lieutenant and above, within your department (or the University City Fire/Rescue Department), must complete training for disaster response. Identify and discuss federal training programs available for disaster response training for each rank-Lieutenant and above. Also determine the time period in which the newly promoted officers must complete the training. Justify why you determined this time period. Also identify which of the 16 life safety initiatives are applicable to this assignment.

This assignment should be a minimum of 500 words (not including the identification of life safety initiatives).

• You are expected to use information you learned from this course.

• You are also encouraged to supplement your personal experience.

• Your assignment must be written using the APA format, including citations and references.



Unit II Scholarly Activity






Establish education and training goals for a specific bureau/division within your department or a bureau within the University City Fire/Rescue Department. Click here to access a PDF of the University City Fire/Rescue Information document. Your completed project must list each position within the bureau, responsibilities of each position, training goals for each position, and higher education goals for each position. Also identify life safety initiatives applicable to this assignment.




You must name your attachment- FSC 4610, Unit II Special Project.




NFPA Standard – 1021-6.2.7




Information about accessing the Blackboard Grading Rubric for this assignment is provided below.






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