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NOTE: There are two (2) parts to this assignment.








Directions: Submit your responses to the questions below.  Responses to the Short response submissions may not be copied from the text book, the Lecture Notes, or the internet.  The responses need to be in your own words.  Each response should be at least 100 words.




1.   Explain the nature of the relationship between employees and the organization.  What is the nature of the agreement between individuals and the organization?  Discuss the things that might be included in individual contributions.  Discuss the things that might be included in organizational inducements.




2.   Identify and discuss the steps in the creative process.  What can an organization do to increase employee’s creativity?




3.   Using the articles below as reference, please answer the 3 questions regarding creativity.




·         Demirdjian, Z. S. (2008). Strategic management trends in cyberage. Journal of American Academy of Business, Cambridge, 13(1), 3-I,II,III. Retrieved from


·         Berkman, R. (2013). How social tools can help your company avoid strategic failure. MIT Sloan Management Review, 54(2), 1-4. Retrieved from




a.   How do you think that organizations can encourage innovation and creativity?


b.   Do you think that many organizations stifle creativity today?


c.   What can you do to help change that?








Directions: You willwrite a 1-page paper in a question and answer format that will help you analyze the basic elements of individual behavior in organizations.  For this assignment, you will need to include at least 2 in-text citations from the textbook, the internet, and/or LIRN.  One is provided for you.  You will need to find the other one on your own.  Please use appropriate APA citation for your references.  Be sure to include a Reference section at the end of your paper that consists of the textbook as well as the other reference (if you used a citation from an outside source).




Scenario: Imagine that you are the manager of a department store.  You have many employees who work for you in different departments.  You are also in charge of hiring new people.  The company is trying to decide if it wants to implement personality tests for new hires.  It is also considering its performance review process and wants to be sure that it is motivating workers to do their best.  You also have several departments that need new employees and your goal is to increase sales and efficiency.




Step #1: You will begin this part of the assignment by incorporating the following sentences in the introductory paragraph of the paper:




Introduction: The purpose of this paper is to analyze the behavior of individual employees at a department store.  Griffin states that an individual’s unique characteristics “affect how they feel about the organization, how they will alter their future attitudes about the firm, and how they perform their jobs” (2014, pp. 249-250).  A department store provides a good model for studying an individual’s behavior in the organization.  This paper will assist the store in deciding whether it needs to implement new hiring procedures or change its current management style.  First, we will examine the psychological nature of individuals.  Next, we will analyze the concepts of personality attributes that influence behavior in organizations.  Finally, we will consider the role of individual attitudes and perceptions in the organization.




Step #2: Please answer each of the questions below in a separate paragraph:




Question #1 (the second paragraph): Many organizations are increasing their use of personality tests to screen job applicants.  What can the company expect to find out by analyzing personality types or a Myers-Briggs test?  Explain the advantages and disadvantages of this approach?  What can managers do to avoid some of the potential pitfalls?




Question #2 (the third paragraph): As a manager, how can you tell that an employee is experiencing job satisfaction?  How can you tell if an employee is experiencing stress?  How can you tell that employees are highly committed to the organization?  If a worker is not satisfied, what can a manager do to improve satisfaction?  What can a manager do to improve organizational commitment?




Question #3 (the fourth paragraph): Assume that you are going to hire three new employees for the department store you manage.  One will sell shoes, one will manage the toy department, and one will work in the stockroom.  Identify the basic characteristics you want in each of the people to achieve a good person-job fit.  What attitudes do you want to see in the new employees?




Step #3: When you have completely answered the questions above, your paper will have a total of four paragraphs and a Reference section at the end.


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