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1.In a recent survey of 100 women, the following information was gathered.

54 use shampoo A.
47 use shampoo B.
37 use shampoo C.
13 use shampoos A and B.
23 use shampoos A and C.
14 use shampoos B and C.
8 use all three.

Use the figure to answer the question in the problem.


How many are using shampoo A only (Region I)?

2. A poll was taken of 100 students at a commuter campus to find out how they got to campus. The results are below. How many are not using any of the three?

25 said they drove alone.
31 rode in a carpool.
31 rode public transportation.
2 used both carpools and public transportation.
6 used both a carpool and sometimes their own cars.
3 used buses as well as their own cars.
1 used all three methods.


3. At the time of George W.Bush’s presidency, there have been 43 presidents of the United States. Draw a Venn diagram showing the following facts about where each served before assuming the presidency. How many presidents served as vice-president and in the Senate, but did not serve in a cabinet post?

14 were vice-president.
6 served in the Senate.
15 held a cabinet post.
2 were VP and served in the Senate.
8 were VP and a held a cabinet post.
4 served in the Senate and held a cabinet post.
1 was VP, in the Senate, and held a cabinet post.

4. Do the following.

(a) What is the sum of the first 35 consecutive odd numbers?
1[removed][removed][removed]Tell whether it illustrates inductive or deductive reasoning.[removed]


[removed]inductive reasoning [removed]deductive reasoning



(b) What is the sum of the first 700 consecutive odd numbers?
3[removed][removed][removed]Tell whether it illustrates inductive or deductive reasoning.[removed]


[removed]inductive reasoning [removed]deductive reasoning


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