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I am a Property Manager of an apartment community that consist of 378 units. I currently manage 16 employees. Below are the questions i need help with answering.


  1. Describe the ways your performance met your expectations this evaluation period. 
  2. Describe significant accomplishments that you would like to have considered for the current performance review.
  3. Describe areas of your job in which you have grown significantly, made progress on past challenges, and/or have been able to use new learning for professional growth  
  4. Describe any notable obstacles you encountered in fulfilling the expectations of your position during the period under review.  Can you suggest ways to remove those obstacles?
  5.  What do you see as your major goals/work priorities for the coming year?
  6. What are the areas in which you would like to grow professionally and what kind of support, training and/or resources would you need to do so? 
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