need a history paper based on instructions due tomorrow by 10 pm asap please help

Research a site or location in Mesopotamia or Egypt (place, monument, temple, installation, building, etc.), and write a two page paper about it.

Start with who, what, when, where, why, how. In other words, who built the site, what is it (temple, monument, etc.), when was it built, where was it built, why was it built, and how. Write at least one paragraph for this section.

Include information on excavations (who excavated the site and when), and specifics on important artifacts or pieces of art unearthed/found at the site.Write at least two paragraphs for this section: one paragraph on excavations, and one paragraph describing the important artifacts or artwork from the site.

Include what the site looks like today in another paragraph.

It would be helpful for you to let me know what your site is going to be — I can help steer you to authoritative research sources, and advise on your choice in general.

As this is purely a factual overview, no thesis is necessary.

Use MLA format, including in-line (in-text) citations and a Works Cited Page (the Works Cited Page does not count towards the page limit).

Sources should be academic and credible.

Do not use Wikipedia, SparkNotes, Shmoop, Gradesaver, touregypt, or any website like that as a source. However, you can use the sources from a well-researched article on Wikipedia, provided you use the sources as a guide and do your own research.

I suggest that for research sources, you begin with the resources listed in the textbook chapters, and the LAVC online databases, which are accessed through the LAVC library webpage.

Images and maps are to be included on a separate page, and do not count towards page length.

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