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Look over the OPT model, take the client you have chosen for assn. 1 and 2 and design a Your choice of phase 2, 3, or 4 following the guidelines provided by NASM. Keep in mind that this component will also be used in your final project. Your program must include a brief background of your client/athlete, the specific phase chosen (all acute variables mentioned), along with a detailed rationale of why you have chosen each one of your exercises based off your movement assessment from Assn. 1. You will also provide performance assessment data or how you will use performance assessment data once gathered to develop this program. This data must be relevant and woven together with the client’s performance goals to develop a client specific exercise program.

You are to express detail in your program covering all acute variables such as Intensity or Weight (using Rep maximum data), Sets, Reps, Tempo, and Rest.
Your submission should show the actual program in a chart form (OPT Template) and below your chart a detailed rationale in narrative form. Your writing component must meet all rules of APA formatting. This includes a title page, headers, page numbers, in text citations, and a reference list that follows the APA 6th edition format. Please note, this piece will be used or referenced for your final project.

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