narrative essay easy



READ for reference:

Angelou’s “Champion of the World”
Tan’s “Fish Cheeks”



Write a paper emulating the same writing a narrative in the style as Tan and Angelou.  By style, I mean such things as voice, structure and building tension.  Your subject, of course, will be different. 

Write about an early event or incident in school that made you realize, perhaps for the first time, that there is a difference between males and females.  It could be a childhood experience you had with a teacher, a classmate or a principal.  Use the most interesting story you can remember.  As this is a narration paper, embellish and exaggerate some points if necessary.  In fact a narration paper is the only paper that you can totally make up if you want! 

Read what makes a good story in Bedford.  Remember, an effective story telling method has you one way at the beginning, then something happens through conflict to change your perception. The end of the story must be the realization that through this event you realized for the first time that there was obvious cultural and/or societal differences between males and females.  Do not write staements like “this was when I learned the difference between male and female” in your stories!  Like the essays you read this week, the message is implied through the events in the story. 

Five pages

MLA heading. (Watch tutorials to see how all papers must look)



 Written communication (50 points)

  • Organization  (25 points)
    • Inadequate:  There appears to be no organization of the essay’s contents.
    • Needs Improvement:  Organization of the essay is difficult to follow, due to inadequate transitions and/or rambling format.
    • Adequate:  The essay can be easily followed.  A combination of the following is apparent:  Basic transitions are used; a structured format is used.
    • Professional quality:  The essay can be easily followed.  A combination of the following is apparent:  Effective transitions are used; a professional format is used.
  • Mechanics and grammar (25 Points)
    • Inadequate:  Sentences and paragraphs are difficult to read and understand due to poor grammar or mechanics
    • Needs improvement:  The essay contains numerous grammatical and mechanical errors.
    • Adequate:  The essay contains minimal grammatical or mechanical errors.
    • Professional quality:  The essay is clear and concise and contains no grammatical or mechanical errors.

Content (50 points)

  • Correctness of facts (25 points)
    • Inadequate:  Most facts are wrong.
    • Needs improvement:  Some facts are wrong.
    • Adequate:  Technical details are generally correct.
    • Professional quality:  All facts are correct, and the technical explanation is both concise and complete.
  • Completeness  (25 points)
    • Inadequate:  Did not address the prompt.
    • Needs improvement:  Addressed the prompt, but provided few details.
    • Adequate:  Address the prompt, but left out some details.
    • Professional quality:  Addressed the prompt completely.
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