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Narrative Analysis

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Throughout the HSBE I and II courses, you have explored the biological, psychological, and sociological aspects of different phases of the human life span. You have
explored life-span development theories that help to explain human behavior. You also have considered how the social environment influences individuals and their
This week, you apply your learning of the person and the environment to an analysis of an individual’s life span. Last week, you conducted a Life Span Interview with
one of your colleagues. This week, you complete a narrative analysis based on your interview notes.
A narrative is a story. As you interviewed your colleague last week, several of the experiences your colleague shared may have struck you as being especially pertinent
to his or her life story. For this assignment, you transform your interview notes into a narrative—that is, a life story­—of the colleague you interviewed. You
interweave within this narrative an analysis of the life story by applying person and the environment concepts to your understanding and interpretation of that story.
For example, you may identify a life-span development theory that, when applied to your colleague’s narrative, helps you to understand his or her development and
behavior at that point in the life span.
Submit by Day 7 a 3- to 5-page narrative analysis of the Life Span Interview you completed in Week 10.
I did a interview with Diana and she is in her early 30’s. She is a black female and she work as a recovery specialist at Meridian Healthcare Inc. Gainesville, Fl. She
is currently going to St.Leo University to pursue her master’s degree as a social worker, which she should be graduating in about 3 months. Here’s the interview
underneath and I also have a attachment for this interview as well.

When you were an adolescent, did you trust your mother? No. Diana claim mom did stuff to her to cause for her to lose her trust for her.
When you were an adolescent, did you trust your father? Yes she trusted her father.
When you were an adolescent, did you trust your female friends? Yes.
When you were an adolescent, did you trust your male friends? Yes
Did you trust your own abilities? Yes
How do you describe what your identity was as an adolescent? Diana claims that she was a people’s person, because she adapted to every situation. Her dad was in the
military and she feels that this was part of the reason why she was able to adapt to situations and different people.
If you requested something from your mother, what were your expectations? What type of response did you expect? She felt that her mother was obligated to give her what
she asked for or wanted, and part of the reason for her altitude was because her mother guilt that she had towards Diana, so Diana used this fact to get what she
Can you remember during adolescence any examples of “giving” in the altruistic sense to someone else? She used to help kids with homework when she was an adolescence
even though she didn’t really like doing homework that much. She also volunteered to help the physical impaired children with homework before school got started in the
As an adolescent, describe how you felt about affection, time, and money. She did not have not enough affection as a adolescent. She felt that her parents substituted
money for affection and that her parents were always too busy working.
Did you tend to hoard things or discard them? Did you throw stuff out of car windows? No she did not hoard things and she did throw stuff out of her car windows. She
stated, “that the birds had to eat.”
When you did projects or other work as an adolescent, did you prefer to do it by yourself or get help from friends or peers? By herself.
In high school, did you tend to answer questions freely or wait until you were called on? She answered questions freely a lot of times she did not even raise her hand.
In high school, did you tend to answer questions freely or wait until you were called on? She said no.
Were there times during adolescence when you were ashamed? Yes, she said that she was ashamed when her father used to go to family functions and be drunk. She did not
like that her father was known as a drunk in the family.
With regard to your progress through adolescence, did you feel you were behind time? Needed more time? No she was ahead and was advanced. She had to grow up really
fast because of her parents deficits and she feel that this was partly the reason that she had to mature so fast.
Did you enjoy and look forward to new initiatives? Yes
As an adolescent, were you curious? Were you ambitious? Yes, she said. She enjoyed to do different things and me new people it was a outlet for her and a chance to
escape her home life as well.
As an adolescent did you seek and get recognition for work well done? No she did not feel so.
Did you have feelings of inadequacy or inferiority? No
When you were an adolescent, did you remember assessing your strengths and weaknesses? Yes she was really articulate and could talk herself out of dire situations. She
was also a good sham she will go home and erase voice mail if she felt or knew that someone in the school system might have called home to her parents to report a
devious act that she would have committed.
What did you want to be when you grew up? A physical therapist.
Did you have a lot of peer group involvement? Yeah.
In adolescence, what were your goals for adulthood? She did not want to be like her mother. She wanted to make her own money and not have to rely on a man also.
Did you have a love relationship as a teenager? Yes.
When you were an adolescent, what was so important in your life that you are willing to commit to it? She was willing to commit to her boyfriend because he was giving
her the attention that she needed.
When you were an adolescent if I asked you to consider the question “Who am I?” what would you have said? She would have said that she was hurt. Also, the smallest
things at times will cause her to explode because of all the pain that she was holding on to.
When you were an adolescent if I asked you to consider the question “Where am I going?” what would you have said? She would have said that the sky is the limit and
that she was going to be successful. She now works as a recovery specialist and is going to school to get her master’s degree and social work (MSW) which she will be
graduating and about 3 months.
As an adolescent, were you preoccupied with the opinion of others? Yes, she said it depended on if the person was someone she was close with, but if she was not that
close with the opinions of others did not matter at all to her.


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