module 04 project the short story part 2

Continue your short story from the last part of the project that was created in Module 03.

NOTE: For this week, the assignment is the completed short story. The story should be at least 4 pages in length. Use the rough notes you made to flesh out the complete story. As you finalize the story, answer the questions below prior to beginning the draft of the story.

After you have completed the assignment, don’t forget to write your learning assessment page for the portfolio by answering the questions in the Overview about your personal observations on your learning. There is nothing to submit for your personal observations on the writing until Module 05, but you should write the one-page observation each week and copy and paste it into your writing portfolio. That way, you do not feel rushed at the end of the term.

Step One: Craft your story by answering the following questions:

  • What is the Point of View of this story? Remember, it should stay consistent throughout. First person is from the Narrator’s point of view (uses “I”) doesn’t mean it is you, but is the person telling the story. 3rd person is told usually from an “omniscient” narrator (one who sees all and can comment on all); 3rd person limited is limited to the viewpoint of a specific character. The reader can only see and hear what is happening through the eyes of that character.
  • What activities are your characters engaged in? Place your characters in a great setting and then plan out some exciting action to carry your story along.
  • Remember the action needs to keep the reader engaged and consistently move the story forward from the opening “hook” to the first plot point or conflict, to the middle where you are exploring the dilemma the character (s) are faced with, to the climax of the story, and then the final resolution scene, where the character undergoes his/her epiphany/change based on the events incurred within the story.
  • Does your action rise to a climactic final scene?
  • How does the story end? Remember, your reader doesn’t like “trick endings”, or “it was all just a dream” type endings. Craft an ending that is believable and one that is consistent with the events in the story.

Step Two: Polish and revise the story:

  • Proof the story carefully for punctuation, spelling, formatting errors.
  • Check to make sure that you have dialogue and that the dialogue is consistent. For example, if one character is talking and the other is answering, can the reader tell who is actually doing the speaking. In other words, did you clearly differentiate the characters by either stating their names or making the conversation so distinct that the reader inherently “gets” who is talking?
  • Does the story have a good “flow”? In other words, does the action carry the story along, so that the reader wants to see what happens next to the characters?
  • Are there any gaps in sequences of events? For example, if you have characters in one setting move to another setting, then you are going to need to explain how they got to the new location.

Submit your paper with a title page and in APA format.

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