milestones 3

•Write-up, in essay form, the results of your side project/hustle

–1500-2000 words

–12 pt. Times-Roman, 1.5 spacing (3-4 pages)


–Your side project goal

–Milestones you established, and timeline to achieve

–Which milestones were you able to achieve, and when?

–Lessons learned, future plans, and anything else you think will be helpful in understanding your accomplishments

Those are the requirements

My side project goal is learning cooking Chinese food, and I am a Chinese college student in US, i am not willing to eat american food, and there are no good restaurant nearby my college, so I set my project goal is learning cooking for myself and know how to cook whatever i would like to cook, except know how to cook 15 different kind of Chinese meal.

This project is 1 semesters long, I practiced at least 5 times per week in order to achieve

Down here is the essay used to write about this project, you can know some of the things from this essay, and for this essay you need to write about the requirements need which is up there.

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